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ahs s01e09


the worst part of getting out of bed is losing all the heat you had built up

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

Behold, the one true Supreme.

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Capri, Italy

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Led Zeppelin at “Music Life” Awards in Japan, 1971.

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Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Nature Boy

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If you ever get the chance to see your favourite band live, fucking do it and don’t regret a single thing.

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got this shirt the night i was front row @ mgmt so step off 


so I decided to do a giveaway… :)

There’s just a few rules:

  • You MUST be over the age of 18
  • Make sure to be following me or your entries won’t count
  • Shipping will be to the United States only
  • Reblog as much as you’d like, giveaway blogs won’t count.
  • Like all you want but I won’t be counting those as entries.

There will be 1 winner chosen at random with a number generator, and I’ll end the giveaway on September 28th. Good luck to all my amazing stoners, love you all and stay lifted!

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